In the past few years, girls have turned dressing up like bald male celebrities into a meme. The most popular choice is Mr Worldwide himself, Pitbull — there’s just something so distinctive about his bald head/sunglasses combo. Sometimes they’re dressing up for a costume party, but plenty of people attend Pitbull concerts dressed like him, resulting in what is probably a strange experience for Pitbull, performing to an audience of clones.  

Now the girls are branching out, at least if this recent viral video is anything to go by. A group of friends dressed up as Steve Harvey for a bar crawl, complete with impressively thick fake mustaches. One girl even dressed up as Steve Hightower, Harvey’s character from the short-lived The Steve Harvey Show, and, naturally, everyone had Family Feud cards at the ready to complete their looks.

People were impressed by the group’s commitment to the bit, albeit slightly confused as to what led them to decide to host a Steve Harvey bar crawl, but ultimately, the girls that get it, get it. Many people were jealous as well, with one person commenting, “Why tf don’t I have silly ahh friends to do this with????” Another commented, “this is the only time I be wishing I had friends lmfaooo.” In her caption, Courtney, one of the many Steve Harveys, wrote, “Me & my friends like to play, sorry if yours don’t ‍♀️.”

She added, “We were a hit in Wrigleyville (in Chicago), we took at least 100 pictures with strangers . Had a great time… life is so serious, go outside and play with your friends .”

Honestly, that’s some decent advice. Why wait for Halloween to dress up as one of TV’s favorite hosts and get lit? Life is short — wear the bald cap.