One of the upsides of being bald (I’m bald, I can say this) is that it’s great for bits. Whether you’re using your head as a means of sending a message or polishing it up to become a human disco ball, what one loses in hair by going bald can be easily made up for in cheap comedy.

Recently, one man tried to use his chrome dome to do a classic bald man routine — only this time, it didn’t go as planned.

Paternal plunger prank perfection (whisper freakout)
byu/floatjoy inPublicFreakout

It’s unclear who this dude is — the video only identifies him as the OP’s dad, while an earlier post of the same video calls him Luke. For ease, we’re just going to call him Bald Luke (again, I’m bald, I can say this).

The video shows Bald Luke attempting to get a few giggles by suctioning a plunger to his head. However, like Icarus flying too close to the sun, he secured the plunger just a liiiiiiittle too tightly — meaning that when he tried to pull it off, only the handle was removed, leaving him with a rubber conehead.

There’s a bit of flailing as he tries to get the top piece off, but eventually, Bald Luke accepts his fate. He lifts his hood over his head and starts to walk away, presumably hoping to god that everyone will think it’s some kind of medical necessity and forgo asking him about it.

Thankfully, Bald Luke is, well, bald, meaning that we’re not really at risk of him accidentally getting one of those monk haircuts when he’s finally able to yank the thing off. Still, he’s likely at risk of a pretty nasty head hickey — better have a story ready for the wife, Bald Luke!

Then again, maybe he won’t be able to get it off, as some TikTokers theorized. “Legend says that he still wears the plunger to this day,” wrote one user. “You never know when you’ll need a plunger, but he always comes with one,” added another.

Who knows, with this look, maybe he’ll even start a new trend. See you at New York Fashion Week, Bald Luke!