Weeks after the Tampa Bay Timesdirty-deleted diagram of Hurricane Idalia’s hurricane-ussy made us pick up our phones and call our exes, yet another horny forecast has made us miss our former flames — a busty, gusty map of a polar vortex.

The booby brouhaha began on Thursday when iconic s—tposter @equine__dentist headed to Twitter with a horny throwback diagram depicting the very buxom shape of a 2019 polar vortex.

“Big naturals disaster,” they captioned the screengrab, which first appeared during a  WLKY News Louisville broadcast.

Naturally, as the mere implication of titties tend to, Twitter lost its godd—n mind, very explicitly thirsting after the meteorological chart.

“My hornyass should NOT be a weatherman,” wrote @discolitaa.

“Putting the Mother back in Mother Nature,” added @jasonappledp, while @tweetbred suggested the news station change its name to honor its contribution to the down-bad zeitgeist.

“WLKY more like MLKY am I right,” they joked.

But regardless of whether the station follows suit, one thing's for sure —  to paraphrase @thicctu,we will most definitely be tracking this cold front.