What’s the difference between sloppy toppy and free wings? It appears no one truly knows … at least when it comes to one Buffalo Wild Wings’ patron’s viral Reddit revelation.

Redditor u/logsdon36 headed to r/Wings on Thursday with a confession so shocking, it singlehandedly blurred the once crystal clear line between oral sex and dirt cheap chicken, admitting to getting “topped off” during a recent trip to their local branch of the fast-casual restaurant.

“I went there, was chill and cool, and got topped off after the meal,” they wrote in their post, conspicuously refusing to offer even an iota of context.

“Anyone else come across this?” they asked. “Apparently you can’t discuss this on their subreddit anymore, for what reason idk.”

Naturally, the fine people of r/Wings were quite confused by this admission, flocking to the comments to question what the actual f—k was going on at this poster’s B-Dubs location.

“Are you saying you got your dick sucked at b dubs?” asked u/thamfgoat69.

“Did they stop serving you alcohol?” mused u/YD2991, while several others brainstormed names for this forbidden menu item, including “hot sauce hand job” and an “Extra hot extra wet handy.”

Anyone else get ‘topped off’ at Buffalo Wild Wings?
byu/logsdon36 inWings

After stoking what may easily be one of most controversial posts in r/Wings entire 13-year history,  of — we finally got our answer: Blow jobs … kinda.

“It was an inside joke on the r/buffalowildwings subreddit,” they explained. “Folks would go in there and eat, be ‘super chill and cool’, then get head after the meal. It was a short running joke on the sub, until they scrubbed it clean of the content.”

Moral of this ethically-dubious tale of B-Dubs BJs?: A mouthful of dick is almost always the answer.