The west coast has been communing with Hurricane Hilary and it’s hurting the vibe. Burning Man, the spiritual festival now infested by Silicon Valley bros is not looking so pretty after the hurricane passed this weekend.

This year's Burning Man festival is supposed to start next Sunday, August 27th in Black Rock County, Nevada but the current grounds look less like a desert escape and more like a county fair mud pit. The gates to the desert grounds were closed all weekend, not allowing anyone to set up their camp before the festival.

Who needs to search for enlightenment by burning your possessions when you can slosh around in the mud like a little pig?

The weather conditions leading up to this weekend are looking less and less desirable for the thousands of modern hippies who flock to the festival every year. Many old and new “burners” have taken the opportunity to sell their tickets for the upcoming weekend. 

Still, loyal burners are dedicated to their ayahuasca trips and will attend come rain, shine, or mudbath.