Oh, you think you know how to party? Think again. 

Some people like to think they know how to party, but I bet none of us have ever partied so hard that we stole some poor farmer's truck and drove it through a toll booth because we went out with the boys and had a few too many. 

But that's what English tourist Damon Anthony Alexander Hills did after a night out on the town leading a group of locals to chase him down the freeway honking their horns in pursuit of the stolen truck and its goods. 

Hill was caught on camera by a group of bikers crashing through the entrance to the Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, causing major damage to the checkpoint and the stolen truck. 

Hill eventually came to a stop and was taken into custody by authorities. 

Drunk tourist stole a truck and crashes through a toll booth gate while being chased by bystanders on motorbikes. Indonesia.
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Apparently, that wasn't the end of the night for Mr. Hill, who was pulled from the truck and given the ass-kicking of a lifetime. Hard to say he didn't deserve it. And of course, these weren't the actions of some drunk party bro out on the town. In the future, I'll try to make my sarcasm a but more obvious. 

Part 2 of the drunk tourist who stole a truck, this time he is beaten up by the crowd at an airport. Indonesia. (NOT DEAD. CONTEXT IN COMMENT)
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