There are many reasons to not go to a sideshow, no matter how fun they look. For example, you could be hit by a car, or witness people nearly die after flipping their vehicle.

Making matters worse is how people react when these bad things happen. If you’re injured at a sideshow, they’re not going to stop the fun just because a dude’s head came off. No, they’ll keep the party going, as evidenced by this recent sideshow’s reaction to a dude getting set on fire.

In this video, someone can be seen lighting a circle on fire at a sideshow. Unfortunately, one dude gets caught up in the flames, running out of the circle in search of some kind of assistance.

Thankfully, there’s a group of people waiting there for him — to beat the shit out of him.

In the responses, there’s a bit of debate about whether they’re really beating him up or if they’re trying their best to put the fire out. Eh, little column A, little column B?

Remember, kids: Stop, drop, roll and get the hell away from the sideshow.