Though 30-year-old Kyle Efinger may have had a ticket to Denver, Colorado, he never made it to his destination, dying after he was discovered unconscious on a “rotating” aircraft engine.

In now-viral security camera footage of the incident, the thwarted passenger, who was on his way to visit a sick family member, per his father, can be seen absolutely losing it at a gate in Utah’s Salt Lake City International Airport after missing his flight. After trying — and failing — several times to find his way out of the terminal, Efinger ultimately broke out of the airport, sprinting through the tarmac and near a parked plane.

@trtworld A 30-year-old man named Kyler Efinger was found dead after crawling into an airplane’s engine at Salt Lake City airport in Utah, US. After missing his flight to Denver, where he was headed to visit his sick grandfather, he broke through an emergency exit at the airport and was later found in the engine following a report of the breach. #airplaneengine #utah #airport #emergencyexit #denver ♬ original sound - TRT World

Roughly 20 minutes after Efinger's shoes and clothing were spotted on the tarmac, the Utahn was found unconscious on a still-rotating "wing-mounted engine of an occupied commercial aircraft on the deicing pad,” local police said of the incident, per Scripps News. Though several measures were taken to save his life, Efinger ultimately died on the tarmac. He had a history of mental health struggles, his father said.

While we may not love airport security, it's stuff like this that makes us happy they’re around.