A late-night Greek food run turned into a masterclass in ACAB-eliciting entitlement when former Tampa Bay Police Chief Mary O’Connor used her status to skate by with a warning after she and her husband were caught riding in an unregistered golf cart.

“My name is Deputy Jacoby with the Sheriff’s Office, I’ve stopped you because you’ve driving tag [sic] or an unregistered vehicle with no tag on it on the roadway,” their interaction, which was captured on the officer’s body cam, began.

After a few moments of back and forth between Deputy Jacoby and her husband, O’Connor pulled out her literal get-out-of-jail-free card.

“Is your camera on?” she asked, unearthing her badge.

“I’m the police chief in Tampa,” she continued, referencing her post which she had only held for 10 months. “I’m hoping that you’ll just let us go tonight.”

Suddenly confronted with a higher-up, Deputy Jacoby quickly heeded her request.

“Alright then, well take care, it was nice meeting you!” he said, before accepting O’Connor’s business card.

“If you ever need anything, call me, serious [sic],” she said before thanking him.

I'm the police chief
byu/YieldinglyAwfu inImTheMainCharacter

While the video, which was taken in early November, quickly made the rounds online with skeptics blasting her entitlement and plain stupidity — “‘Is the camera on so I can incriminate myself?’ ‘Good, here I go,’” Redditor u/No-Exit6560 mockingly commented on an r/ImTheMainCharacter thread — O’Connor ultimately found herself in the hot seat, resigning from her position days later.

"I never want my personal mistake to stand in the way of the progress I have made in mending relationships between the police department and the community, so for that reason, I am resigning," she wrote in her letter, per local news outlet Fox 13 Tampa Bay.

So take it from O’Connor, nobody — not even a Karen-esque police chief — is above the law.