Though he may be famed for serving as our nation’s 45th president, having a horrific spray tan and becoming the only POTUS in United States history to earn the highly-coveted Mugshawty status, former President Donald Trump could have had one heck of a pro sports career … at least according to his self-provided stats.

The ex-Commander-in-Chief surrendered to Fulton County jail in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday evening after being indicted on several racketeering charges related to his alleged attempt at overthrowing the 2020 presidential election in his favor. But more so than his mugshot — sorry, Donnie, not everyone can pull off blue steel — one element of his time in the slammer stood out: The incredibly fishy body measurements he provided to officials.

According to his booking information, 45 clocks in at  6' 3" and 215 lbs, a notable decrease from his Presidential physical in 2019, where he weighed 243. Though it’s not inconceivable that Trump shed roughly 30 pounds since 2019 — he’s definitely gotta bulk up before heading behind bars — these stats have sparked questions from gym bros, athletes and well, pretty much everyone with eyes.

“Y'all were right about him being able to self-report weight & height,” @chudsofTtiktok captioned the infamous photo of 45 on the Golf Course. “Ain't no way 215 is even close to accurate.”

“If Trump weighs 215 I'm a bodybuilder,” joked @atrupar.

“Me, at the gym today standing 6 '2, weighing 218 lbs, learning that Donald Trump is leaner, with a better BMI,” commented @EliasCepeda.

Meanwhile, as several others noted that he has the same build as many professional athletes, including Eric Gordon of the Phoenix Suns and Denver Broncos icon John Elway, former NBA star Rex Chapman chimed in, taking to Twitter to offer a bit of a reality check.

“I’m 6 '3 215,” the former pro shooting guard captioned a photo of him on the court.

So take it from this booking fiasco, never ask a woman her age … and a President hit with several RICO charges his weight.