TikTok really has poisoned the brains of millions. In years past, if someone told you that the Earth was once ruled by giants, you’d rightfully write them off as a crank. Now, someone saying that to you with confidence means they grew up with an iPad.

Recently, this mind-numbing stupidity has inspired discussion once again after a man allegedly captured a wood elf while live streaming. Yes, people really believe this.


tiny people living in trees on live full Video

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I know what you’re thinking: that’s clearly CGI. You’d be correct; the little creature is slightly too smooth, its movements are too rigid, and its placement doesn’t exactly line up with the shaking of the camera. Also, it’s a goddamn wood elf — if they really existed, you probably would have heard about them by now.

Despite the obviousness of this hoax, many internet users are proclaiming that this man happened to record a “duende,” which Wikipedia tells me “is a humanoid figure of folklore, with variations from Iberian, Ibero American and Latin American cultures, comparable to dwarves, gnomes or leprechauns.” Great.

@_theparanormalchic Wild video captured during a LIVE session by @Selflextion the question everyone is asking “Is This Real?” Did he capture real “tiny” people? Is there truth to folklore? #theparanormalchic #tinypeople #tiny #folklore #leprechaun #fairie #trees #littlepeople #beings #mythsandlegends #paranormal #paranormales #supernatural #unexplained #crazy #fairy #live #wow #fy #fypage ♬ Horror background music that fears - Yoshiki ARA

Commenters across these videos insist that the creator has witnessed something extraordinary. “They are called duende and they are real. They like candy,” wrote a user. “Most things from folklore and old books are rooted in reality,” declared another. “I’ve seen these before and no one believed me,” stated a third.

@strangeology Did this guy really film duendes, or some kind of faefolk beings in this tree on a live video? #duendes #faefolk #treefairys #fyp #trending #cryptids #folklore #tinypeople #littlepeople ♬ original sound - Strangeology

Of course, the creature isn’t actually real, and there’s more to disbelieve than just the fact that the lil’ guy is clearly created by a computer.

For example, the video purports to be a live stream, yet no one in the chat goes crazy upon seeing an otherworldly creature. Plus, even if it is a live stream, you can stream pre-recorded video pretty easily — meaning we’re more likely seeing someone trying out After Effects than a true act of God.

@delphiafterdawn Guy Captures tiny Tree people living inside his tree during his live yes he was live when he captured this!!! #delphiafterdawn #viral #trending #new #wild #mystery #mysterious #the #truth #is #out #there ♬ original sound - Jason King

Beyond that, the problem with this conspiracy is the same one that affects most outlandish theories: If it were true, there would be no reason to hide it.

Unlike conspiracies surrounding 9/11 or Jeffrey Epstein, there are few powerful people who would have their lives uprooted by the discovery of tiny tree men. Scientists learn about new species all the time — adding a crazy little wood nymph to the list wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, all things considered.

But if you want to believe in tree fairies, be my guest. Just don’t be too offended when we all start laughing at you.