Vegan bakeries are fun if you want to be reminded why cookies need eggs. I’m all for culinary experimentation, and Lord knows that you can make some pretty good vegan desserts, but in general, vegan bakeries can quickly hit the wall of “the majority of dessert-baking history using butter and eggs as a core component.”

That’s why those shopping at Cindysnacks in Huntington, New York were so surprised by their donut offerings. Light, tasty, vegan and gluten-free? These donuts are too good to be true!

As it turns out, they may have been. As recounted by a Reddit post on r/longisland, Cindysnacks had been ordering donuts from The Savory Fig, which claims to be a vegan kitchen. However, when Cindysnacks received a shipment of donuts from The Savory Fig with D-shaped sprinkles (not like that), they became concerned.

“I raised my concerns respectfully, hoping a simple explanation with confirming evidence would clear this up,” Cindysnacks wrote in an Instagram post, which also contains the conversation between the grocer and The Savory Fig, who assure her that the donuts did not come from Dunkin’. Instead, they say, the D sprinkles were from a “Happy Birthday” set they had on hand.

There are a few issues with this story. First, why only D’s? Second, the sprinkles weren’t labeled as vegan. Finally, these are clearly donuts from Dunkin’ — why are we going through this charade?

Just to be sure, Cindysnacks did a gluten test on the donuts and, wouldn’t you know it, they weren’t gluten-free. Good work, Savory Fig — you could have killed someone! (Or at the very least, given someone with Celiac disease a major case of the shits.) Thankfully, Cindysnacks realized what was happening before putting the donuts out and managed to prevent any disaster from coming their way.

The same can’t be said for The Savory Fig, though. They’ve deleted their Instagram, and their Facebook page is currently being review-bombed. Just guessing here, but they’re probably going to get a visit from the health inspector soon, too.

Next time, at least repackage donuts from somewhere better than Dunkin’.