If you’ve ever played GTA, you’re aware of how quickly things can get out of hand. You might be just cruising around when bam — suddenly, you’ve got the cops on your tail, and you’ve got to create a wake of carnage in order to escape.

Of course, Grand Theft Auto is a fictional game, and nothing to that extent would happen in real life. Right?

@bummpink shi happend so fast #fyp ♬ original sound - ..

Wrong. Recently, TikToker @bummpink shared a scene straight out of GTA. This includes several car accidents, a car chase, an attempted getaway and a whole lot more. According to local outlet WHAM, this incident occurred last March, with @bummpink’s video captured by a guy named Raymond Gonzalez. The outlet’s article on the event says that the red Jeep had been stolen at knifepoint. Soon after, police gave chase, leading to the events shown in the video.

Thankfully, both of the people involved in the scheme were apprehended by police soon after. One of the men who did the carjacking, a dude named Maliq McCullough, was later sentenced to five years in prison, while information about the other guy’s fate, Adeosun Hughes, is hard to come by.

Let’s just hope he’s staying far away from cars.