Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell froze during his weekly news conference on Capital Hill. The 81-year-old Kentucky Republican was escorted away after he stood silently at the podium for over 30 seconds before his colleagues intervened.

Senator McConnell asserts that he is fine but the rest of us are not so sure. Theories of what caused the mind blackout run from being inhabited by an Alien to robot malfunction to the concern of our government being run by geriatrics.

The news of McConnell’s freezing came out at the same time as the confirmations of aliens leading people to wonder if the two events could be correlated.

“What if Mitch McConnell saw what she saw,” asked @JUNIPER with a photo of the lady on the plane who claimed that a passenger was not real.

Others theorized that the old guy had a vision a la That So Raven.

“He saw the demon he made a blood pact with when he was 18 standing in the crowd,” said @Meelsie143.

With the legislation he has helped pass, there's gotta be some sinister juju going on.

Theories a little more based on reality wondered if the Senator was high as a kite. With news that cocaine was found in the White House a few weeks ago, the idea isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

“When you get so high you start getting scared” reads the Ellen Degeneres meme posted by @justjamiie.

Of course, the internet had to make its sex jokes.

Comedian and frequent resident of Twitter jail, Jaboukie Young-White had the most unhinged response.

“It was so hard squeezing to fit under that podium and making sure my throat didn't make any noises. thank god I zipped him up before they pulled him away,” he tweeted.

But, realistically given his age, the Senator may have shit himself. I can’t think of a worse time to shit yourself than when you’re on camera and nowhere near a restroom.

“He was shitting. he was staring straight ahead like a dog taking a shit” tweeted @fart (fittingly).

Despite the old bat saying he is “fine” and in “good health,” it is hard to ignore the fact that he has been in office since 1985. He is up for reelection in 2026 when he will be 84 years old.

If a strong gust of wind does not take him out first, the turtle man will be taking his brain breaks in the middle of work.