The MMA world is talking about fighter Artur Szpilka — but probably not for the reasons he’d like them to.

The issue is, Szpilka made the bold move of trying to have a “big” entrance for KSW 94, an MMA event held in Gdańsk, Poland. This isn’t unusual for Szpilka; as noted by MMA Fighting, he once drove into the ring in a car.  However, this was definitely his biggest move yet — a full cryo chamber.

Pretty cool, right? Well, he got iced out in about 14 seconds.

From the jump, Szpilka aggressively rushed toward opponent Arkadiusz Wrzosek. However, Wrzosek quickly regained control by forcefully bringing Szpilka down to the mat to land punch after punch on him. Wrzosek’s efforts were successful, and the round was over barely after it started.

It really was a devastating defeat — and one that probably made Szpilka rethink the whole “entering in a cryochamber” thing. Stop the theatricality and go back to the gym, bud!