Chiropractors say they can fix anything. While you might think that adjusting one’s back would help with — I don’t know, their back — some chiropractic professionals insist that minor movements to the spine can fix everything from allergies to heart problems.

Heck, some even say they can fix your pet’s issues by cracking their bones. Come here, Fido, you’re about to get a Stone Cold Stunner!

Recently, another dubious chiropractic fix has been gaining steam online. In a video posted by a self-proclaimed “Celebrity Chiropractor” named Dr. Remix — let’s all just take that sentence in for a moment — the man says he provides relief from “years of constipation” by doing what we like to call “sticking a few fingers up the bum.”

In the video, Dr. Remix can be seen “adjusting” numerous clients… backs? Butts? Legs? It’s unclear what exactly he’s trying to move here — but whatever he’s doing, it involves a Stinky Pinky.

Now, you may be wondering why giving your client The Shocker fixes their constipation. I, and the many users of X/Twitter, aren’t sure that it really does.

The closest I came to an explanation is someone who said that the move is to “alleviate pressure on sacral spinal nerves involved in [defecation],” though even this person claimed that the “method seems a bit invasive.”

If you’re actually experiencing constipation, you probably don’t need a man shoving his fingers up your behind. Just eat more fiber, exercise, and drink water — and if it’s still a problem, for God’s sake, go to a real doctor whose name doesn’t sound like a Miami club DJ.