When you sign on to be a police officer, you swear yourself to a life of protecting and serving — at least, theoretically.

In reality, your job involves a lot more giving people speeding tickets, telling teenagers to quiet down, and walking around with an inflated sense of authority than anything of actual, meaningful substance.

As a result, some cops may try to find ways to spruce up their lives. This could be by running a donation drive, volunteering or engaging with the community. Or, if you’re former Nashville police officer Sean Herman, “engaging” with the (online) community of OnlyFans, dick first.

According to The Sun, Herman can be seen in this video pretending to pull over a woman to give her a speeding ticket. God, he’s not even original!

There are a few problems with Herman doing this. First, he’s using his official outfit and car as props in an OnlyFans video (not great). Second, according to The Sun, he was supposed to be on patrol when this happened — sorry your car got stolen, but our main patrolman was busy getting groped for tips!

Herman was fired soon after all this went down. No word on if they let him keep the outfit — if they did, hey, why not keep making videos? They can’t fire you twice!