Despite their reputations as some of the sexiest women on earth, Victoria’s Secret models aren’t all abs, legs and diamond-encrusted bras — just ask influencer Taylor Paré, who cited one of the lingerie brand’s resident angels as the roommate from hell.

Over the long weekend the NYC-based lifestyle creator — also known by her TikTok username @paretay  — headed to the platform to share her tale of roomie woe, revealing that an unidentified Victoria’s Secret angel made her life a s—t-scented hell during their time living together in a model apartment.

“When I first moved to New York, I lived with a Victoria’s Secret model who had a secret, and I kept it for 10 years, but let’s get into it,” she began her now-viral video.

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Though Paré was not particularly close with the unnamed model, distancing herself after discovering her roomie’s penchant for fudging the truth and flexing on her friends   — “she loved to one up people,” the creator explained — tensions between the two reached new heights after her personal belongings began to disappear.

“I started to notice that things were going missing in the apartment,” the influencer explained. While at first, the items going MIA were fairly innocuous — “little T-shirts, skin-care stuff, makeup,” Paré said — things took a turn for the alarming after she noticed her prescription medication had also started vanishing.

After speaking with a few pals who shared that they too, had endured similar experiences with the model, Paré decided to confront her roommate, calling her out after she returned from a night on the town donning a shirt seemingly swiped from her closet.

Though the model claimed the shirt did belong to her, alleging she had been gifted the top following a photoshoot, Paré decided to investigate for herself, parsing through the angel’s belongings after she had left to attend another party.

“I was horrified to find that she stole things from every single person in the apartment,” the creator recalled. “Weird things. Like pens and cups, tons of prescription medicine that she would not have been able to use.”

But among the model’s trove of stolen goods, Paré also discovered something far more sinister — a suitcase filled with used tissues, tampons, and ickiest of all, s—t stained toilet paper.

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“This is the grossest part. She would keep all of her trash, dirty used tampons, tissues that she would wipe her nose, her butt,” she explained of the “foul” sight. “You’d see like poo on them. She’d keep them all in her suitcase that was kept in our apartment.”

Considering these alarming discoveries, Paré and her other model roommates decided to kick the model — and her suitcase filled with used TP — to the curb.

“Our apartment stunk so much less immediately,” she said, noting that the model is now “super famous and doing really well,” especially on TikTok.

Though Paré opted to remain largely tight-lipped on the s—t-stowing supermodel’s identity, instead offering a handful of clues about events this model attended — and did not attend — during the 20-teens, several TikTok sleuths grabbed their plaid deerstalkers and magnifying cases, determined to identify the angel.

Alongside Jasmine Tookes and Devon Windsor, the latter of whom ultimately denied any involvement in what is now dubbed “poop gate,” others began pointing the finger at other Victoria’s Secret icons, including Cara Delevingne, Winnie Harlow and Taylor Hill.

“Could it be Taylor Hill??? Youngest VS model?? Super popular in that era?” suggested one commenter.

Though the world may never know who was  behind the s—tty suitcase, one thing is for sure — the backstage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show must have smelled crazy.