The best ticket to free rent is catching your landlord being an absolute creep.

A viral Instagram Reel posted by @marionsblount shows security footage of a man walking into a studio apartment and rummaging through her panties. After he gets a quick sniff he puts the underwear into his pocket and leaves.

“Young lady that felt like someone was entering her apartment, so she installed a camera,” the caption reads. “Yep, it’s her landlord sniffing her underwear.”

It is unclear where the origins of the video are (and what the tenant has done since) but the timestamp put this man coming into the apartment at 1 p.m., on June 13th of this year. Panty sniffing isn’t a purely nighttime activity but it’s pretty wild that this guy came in around lunchtime for a quick huff and snatch.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an incredibly surprising video because creepy landlords make their creepiness known, but since this keeps happening, it’s a great opportunity for single women living alone to have video proof of their horned-up landlosers for blackmail purposes.

Oh, you want to evict me? Too late RIck, I have a USB stick filled with videos of you stealing my delicates!