Great news for mobsters still bitter about Rudy Giuliani’s passion for prosecuting RICO cases — America’s Mayor has turned himself in after getting hit with several racketeering charges related to his alleged attempt at overthrowing the results of the 2020 election in former President Donald Trump’s favor.

Giuliani headed down to Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, where he surrendered to authorities at the Fulton County jail. Though Giuliani snapped a mugshot as a part of the booking process, it is unclear whether any rogue dribbles of hair mascara were photoshopped out of the already-iconic image before its release to the public.

Yet the Borat 2 star’s mugshot scowl wasn’t the only way he expressed his frustration with the case, describing his indictment as a “tragedy.”

 “This is an attack on – not just me, not just President Trump … this is an attack on the American people,” he told reporters following his arrest.  “If this could happen to me, who is probably the most prolific prosecutor maybe in American history and the most effective mayor for sure, it can happen to you.”

So take it from good ‘ol RuGiu — if you’re gonna lose a presidential election, maybe don’t tout so much baseless nonsense that you may end up going to prison.