This dog has a peculiar issue — every time it goes down the stairs, it can’t help but let one go. TikToker @wildbagels has been documenting this behavior for some time, and now, they’ve shared a brilliant compilation of all the times their dog has let ‘er rip while running down stairs.

@wildbagels Enjoy? #fartsarefunny #compilation #greatdane #tootday #fart #fyp ♬ original sound - WildBagels

The video is simply perfect. The fact that the dog farts while walking down the stairs is good enough, but the detail that the sound of the fart is broken up by every stair? Perfect. Chef’s kiss. As one user in the comments noted, “The speed of his steps determines the sound.”

According to the TIkToker, she doesn’t actually mind the farts. In a comment, she wrote, “We giggle every time!” The farts, she says, aren’t actually stinky, clarifying that the kinds of farts you see here are “all sound.” “His silent ones are the ones you have to look out for,” she explains.

Other commenters also shared their thoughts on this rootin-tootin pup. “We’re all just watching a dog fart down the stairs,” observed one. Yes. Yes we are. “My dog farted while watching this so I got the full 4d experience,” said another.

The whole thing is a real gas.