There’s a point where a pothole just becomes a regular ol’ hole. This pothole, which appears to be in China, has reached that point.

In the video, a bunch of cars, trucks and rickshaw drivers can be seen attempting to cross its chasm. Pretty much everyone fails to make a balanced crossing, with many cars being launched in the air for daring to even attempt the feat.


♬ 原聲 - xiaoxiaoye8

One time, the hole appears to have ripped the tire off of a car — serves them right for trying to take on the power of the Hole!

TikTokers were taken aback by the size of the hole. “Those are some 3 bedroom 2 bath potholes right there,” wrote one. “Did no one notice someone else’s bumper laying on the road directly past the giant hole of water like damn,” added another. “I could open an alignment shop right there and be rich,” noted a third.

Of course, there were also those who said that the cameraman should have laid out traffic cones or made some kind of warning to stop cars from entering the Hole. Sure, they could have, but a) not their job; and b) who are you to kill this person’s good time? Would you say the same thing to the guy running the 11Foot8 website?

To me, this just looks like a solid Friday afternoon. Sit back, grab a couple beers and watch a whole bunch of people on their way back from work have their world rocked.