Rent is getting crazy these days. If you’re sick of giving half your paycheck to some dude who won’t even fix your leaky sink, you’re probably interested in finding alternatives to traditional housing arrangements.

But, of course, normal houses are too expensive, and while an RV might seem okay on paper, you’re probably going to get tired of sleeping in the Walmart parking lot. So what’s a guy who needs a place to sleep to do?

Live in a store’s sign, of course!


Woman found living in family fare grocery store sign photos

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According to NBC News, contractors were doing work at a strip mall in Midland, Michigan when they noticed what appeared to be someone’s living quarters behind the sign for one of the buildings.

It turns out, someone was actually living there, and they had quite the setup: flooring, a computer, a desk, a printer, a Keurig — hell, I’ve lived in worse places!

The wild thing is, no one knows how exactly she was entering the space, but she had apparently been doing so for a full year. Police opted not to press charges (likely too impressed by the feat), but instead told her she was no longer allowed to live in the sign.

This, that guy who lived in the mall in China — just how many people are secretly living in public spaces? Couldn’t tell you, but if you own a business, you might want to check every nook and cranny just to be safe.