Horses are famously reactive animals, which makes the fact humans chose to ride them into battle for centuries particularly confusing. But maybe those were particularly badass horses who weren’t afraid of anything? The same cannot be said for the horse in a recent viral video, who responded so negatively to its rider popping a bottle of champagne on its back that it bucked her right off.

The woman riding the horse on the right counts down before popping the champagne, at which point both horses immediately react. Considering the rider was attempting to control a bucking horse and hold onto an open bottle of champagne, she was thrown off, falling on her ass, with the bottle of champagne flying toward the camera.

There are many things wrong with this video — popping a bottle of champagne while riding an animal known for its dislike of loud noises and riding without a helmet, in particular. As such, horse lovers, a group known for taking their passion incredibly seriously, weren’t amused by the video. The top comment reads, “As a horse rider, this is the dumbest thing you could ever do. Also wear a helmet.”

One person attempted to clap back at her, writing, “It’s really not, just say you don’t have fun with your horse lmao,” but OP wasn’t having it, unleashing the full force of her Horse-Girl passive aggression: “Instead of scaring my horse ‘for fun’ and falling on the floor ‘for fun’ I create a genuine bond with my horse and put his happiness first. We have fun cantering through the desert and learning new tricks. But if your version of fun is scaring your horse and risking bashing your skull into the ground, by all means have at it .”

If concern for a horse’s wellbeing isn’t enough to convince you to avoid doing something as stupid as this, at least consider restraining yourself so as to not draw the ire of Horse Girls — they don’t play when it comes to their equine friends.