If influencer Andra could have one wish granted, it would probably be to wipe her “complete and utter nightmare” of a date with a former Make-A-Wish kid from her memory.

The dating influencer recently headed to TikTok to share her tale of romantic woe from her college years, getting candid about her failed outing with a cancer survivor.

“One time I went on a date with a Make-A-Wish kid and it was definitely like in my top 10 of worst dates, perhaps of all time” Andra, also known by her TikTok username @hopeyoufindyourdad began her now-viral clip.

@hopeyoufindyourdad @Heather Shaw there is no excuse for just being a jerk honestly #makeawish #dating #datingstorytime #collegelife #storytime #richkids #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - Andra

While Andra noted that she, sadly, was no stranger to the disease — “as someone who had multiple family members and immediately family members who have all either gotten cancer or passed of cancer, this was not an unfamiliar topic to me” — she was less-than-thrilled with how her date behaved during their outing, despite giving him lots of empathy and leeway.

“He was acting very entitled,” she explained. “He would like, bring it up to try to get things, like he thought that he could get free food and free stuff, and I’m also like ‘Buddy, you don’t have cancer anymore, you can’t keep playing the cancer card, you said you’re cancer free.'"

But it wasn’t just tchotchkes. This entitled attitude also applied to their interpersonal interactions, with her suitor appearing to lean back on his illness after his moves proved less-than-smooth.

“He really kept trying to make moves and then when they didn’t land, you know, he would like, circle back to the cancer thing and it felt like the whole time he thought was entitled to me getting with him because he had had cancer,” she recalled.

And it appears Andra’s sense was spot on, alleging her date proceeded to throw a “toddler temper tantrum” after she expressed she wasn’t interested in getting with him.

“It was all very strange and needless to say, I never reached out to him again after that date,” she concluded.

We can only hope that if Andra’s date ever gets another wish, he uses it on some manner classes.