27 Spicy Memes For the Adults In the Room

It's getting hot and here, so... check out these memes. What did you think I was going to say? That's right. You're probably at work or something, and that's no place to be having indecent thoughts. But if you've got the hots, then you might as well check out these edgy memes. 

These memes cover a wide variety of feelings on one specific topic, and I'm sure you know what that topic is. If you like to feel suffocated under the weight of something, or just warm and fuzzy while laying on your bed, then there are at least a few memes in here I'm sure you can relate to. If you're a pet owner then there's a special entry here for you, specifically if you have friendly cats. Cats hate it when you pay attention to anything other than them, and unfortunately that means one act is impossible to get through without untimely interruption. Even though your cat probably doesn't have its parts anymore, you'd think it'd grasp that you and your partner deserve some privacy. But no, a cat will never do what you want it to. So if you need an edgy distraction at work, check out these cool memes to cure your hots. 

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