‘You Got Lamb Chops, You Got Steak!’ Guy Refuses to Split $4,600 Bill Just Because It’s Somebody's Birthday

“Let’s split the bill.”

It’s a simple proposal that makes sense most of the time, especially between friends dining out. But when you’re TikTok influencer Viccgotti, and that statement means being responsible for a portion of a $4,600 bill for a friend’s girlfriend’s birthday party, you’re going to push back. 

“Why would I pay for something that I didn’t buy?” he yells at the table.

“Why the fuck should I have to pay for something on my birthday?” the girlfriend responds.

Viccgotti’s video of the argument went viral to the tune of 14 million views, and instantly set off restaurant goers everywhere.

“The ONLY reason people wanna ‘split’ is to get you paying for some of their shit,” @JayCartere tweeted.

“Just because you are friends doesn’t mean you’re entitled to your friends paying for your food,” @ericastout2205 agreed.

But while some viewers took the proceedings at face-value, others called it out as a staged video. “This is a staged skit that worked already,” @Jesspolished tweeted. “So they decided to run it back.”

Viccgotti has openly admitted that some of his previous videos are skits. That said, he’s yet to make any such admission about this one.

Real or not, timelord_nat pointed out maybe the video’s biggest issue, which has nothing to do with the bill: “As an introvert, the yelling in a fancy restaurant is killing me.”

@viccgotti YALL STORY TIME THIS GIRL WAS MY BEST FRIEND SINCE THE 3rd grade … and she got in frint of her other friends ans started acting funny with me they call me and our friends broke because we didnt want to pay a 4600 dollar bill #viccgotti #debate ♬ original sound - Viccgotti
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